Fellowship / Community Ministry Team

We offer our visitors a warm welcome to the St. Philip's community each Sunday. We promote the mission of St. Philip's to the immediate and greater Hastings area.  We coordinate all new member orientation/education sessions at least twice a year and help coordinate our fellowship events including the Garage Sale and Third Thursday Phil-up. 

We respond in love and care to the various emotional, spiritial, and physical needs of St. Philip's members and the greater Hastings Community.


  • Camille Nelson*
  • Mary Charlson
  • Beth Fahlstrom
  • Margaret Goderstad
  • Pam Hoffman
  • Darla Kimmes
  • Katy Lindberg
  • Mary Rock
  • Glenda Schnirring
  • Kathy Stockman
  • Patty Todnem

 * Denotes Chairperson