SPLC Member Directory

Access the St. Philip's Member Directory

Only current members of St. Philip's may access the online directory. 

First time accessing the directory? 

Go to the directory sign-in page, and select "Create a Login Now." Use your email address that is on record with the church for your username, and create your own password when prompted.

Directory Phone App

After you have activated your account you can also download the Instant Church Directory App on your phone. No code is needed for that, but you do need to first activate your online account via a web browser. Search "Instant Church Directory" in your phone's app store. 

Incorrect Information? 

If you see anything in your contact information that is incorrect or you would like removed, please contact us so that it can be updated. 

Add Your Photo

We would also like to remind you to send us a picture if you have not already done so, or let us know if you would like us to snap a picture of you at church some Sunday. Pictures can be sent by text to Camille at: 612-710-8059 or email to: Raimannjandb@comcast.net