Faith Formation

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"Faith Formation" is a big name for our children, family, and youth ministry efforts. As a family of faith, we walk together in fellowship, learning, life events, worship, and service. God brings us together, and as a faith family, we nurture and support each other. 


Please explore our Faith Formation areas for just a glimpse of what St. Philip's does with children, youth, and families. Our programming is ever changing, growing, and adjusting to suit the needs of our faith family and community. 

Introducing a Kids' Newsletter for St. Philip's!

Especially now, with all of the constant changes at St. Philip's, it's very important to me that the children at St. Philip's aren't left in the dark. So we have decided to start a monthly newsletter for kids so that they can hear about what's happening at St. Philip's worded in ways that makes it easier for them to understand.

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Some Examples from Our Programming Year:

Sunday Morning: 

Worship Wanderers--Worship is such a special time for families to connect, and children of all ages are always welcome and encouraged to worship with our faith family. During our 10:30 worship, programming is offered for a portion of worship for children ages 2-10. You can sign up when you enter worship, and trained volunteers will welcome children with them during the sermon and return before communion.

Sunday School--Meets Sunday morning 9:35-10:25 most Sundays during the Hastings school year. This is open for children 3 years old through 6th grade.

Wednesday Night:

Confirmation--Meets Wednesday evenings from 6:45-7:45 most Wednesdays during the Hastings school year. This is for students in grades 7-9. Confirmation also includes mentors during Lent, overnight retreats, and fellowship events.

Children's Choir-- Meets Wednesday evenings from 5:15-6:15 most Wednesdays from September-January. This group of 2nd-8th grade students is led by Ellen Diischer. Over the course of the year, this group will help lead worship multiple times. 


Church Family Life:

Topical Bible Studies: Life is busy and it can be hard to commit long-term, so St. Philip's offers Bible studies for different ages at different times during the year. The topics usually come from student questions and interest--making each study unique!

Holidays--During the different holiday season, we celebrate together with learning, worship, and fellowship.

Family Activity Times--Sunday mornings are busy, so we make time to get to know each other. Whether it is our fall Rally Day where we enjoy outdoor activities, bounce houses, back to school blessings, and service or our kick off to summer events where this year, we tie dyed 50 shirts in an hour--we are all about honoring God through our commitment to knowing one another. 

Summer--During summer months there are multiple faith building opportunities through Vacation Bible School and Bible camps, retreats and mission trips.

Please join us any time to learn more about St. Philip's Faith Formation Programming. You can also contact the church office to speak directly with our Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, Sarah Bennett, who is happy to answer any questions (651)437-6541. You can also email Sarah at


You can also see some of the day-to-day Faith Formation life on our Facebook Page: Click Here